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Cloud-Native Innovators is building a community of top tech professionals who leverage cutting-edge cloud-native technologies to deliver value to their organizations around the world.

Who are Cloud Native Innovators ?

Cloud-native innovators are individuals that are passionate at leveraging cloud computing technologies to build and deliver modern applications with Cloud-Native technologies such as Kubernetes & containers, serverless functions, DevOps, automations also strive to make a positive impact and drive innovation forward in the tech industry.

Learn: Set realistic goals and employ the OKRs approach for measurable personal growth and learning.

Leverage: Apply theoretical knowledge in practice by leveraging intuition, flexibility, and experience to find effective solutions in complex real-world scenarios.

Innovate: Contribute to technology's evolution by addressing challenges through new and innovative approaches. Use feedback from real-world use cases and project learnings to develop practical and forward-thinking solutions for continued progress and growth.

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